Drawings of colourful kookaburras
Colourful kookaburras from grade 2 students Jayden and Sesi, Newstead's Australian Art Exhbition

There is a strong focus on the arts, both visual and performing. The arts program emphasises self-expression as well as skill development, appreciation and presentation. Newstead is well known for its community of artists who are encouraged to engage with the school.

Information and Communications Technology

The School is committed to ensuring that the children have access to the most up to date digital technologies as part of Information and Communications Technology learning. Interactive whiteboards and hovercams are installed in all generalist classrooms. The school uses a polycom unit for remote conferencing and a smart TV in the Art room. Students in Grade 3-6 have a one-one computer ratio. Students in P-2 have a two-one ratio for computers and ipads.


Our chosen “Language Other Than English” is Chinese and we focus on both the language and culture.

Choir and Instrumental Music

Each class participates in weekly choir sessions. Students learn a variety of songs from many generations. When the opportunity arises, students will perform at venues and ceremonies throughout the year such as ANZAC day.

Students can participate in music lessons for guitar, woodwind, brass, strings and piano. Families and the broader community celebrate the students’ musical achievements at regular events such as Grandparents and Friends Day, open days, regular recitals and the annual school concert.

Physical Education

Children are expected to participate in daily physical education activities through whole-school and class activities, as well as swimming lessons, the annual school swimming carnival and sports days. They have the opportunity to participate in district and inter-school sports such as athletics, orienteering, netball, soccer, swimming and cross country running.