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We encourage new families to contact the school to answer any questions regarding the Newstead Primary School community or to arrange a school tour.

At Newstead Primary School we strive to educate the students to understand and engage in both the local and global community. We are educating students to be lifelong learners and well informed active community members. Our school values are;

  • Resilience - being able to manage our emotions in any situation. It means being persistent and making the right choices.
  • Respect – treating ourselves, others and our environment with care and consideration. It means interacting and appreciating the unique qualities of all individuals.
  • Responsibility - being accountable for our actions and resolving differences in a constructive way, contributing to our community and ensuring the preservation of our environment.


It is a school policy and a requirement that on excursions and other nominated school activities that students wear school uniform.

Many families also find the school uniform to be a very practical and economical everyday school clothing item.

Contact us about enrolment or a tour of the school

Contact us


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