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School Council

The School Council is a legally elected body of people that has a role setting the long term future of the School and maintaining oversight (but not management) of the School's operation. The Newstead School Council comprises of teachers (Education Department representatives), the Principal, a community member and elected parents. They meet once a month and report back to the general school community via the school newsletter and Annual Report.

There are three types of school council members:

  • Parent members –elected for a two-year term in March of each year.
  • Department of Education and Training (DET) employee members – the principal is included as a DET staff member and has full voting rights.
  • Community members – this is optional and these members are co-opted, rather than elected.

Current School Council members are:

Department of Education and Training representatives

  • Kathy Callander (Principal)
  • Mary Park
  • Jo Deppeler
  • Sue Harrisson

Parent representatives

  • Patrick Fensham (President)
  • Carlo DiBella (Vice President)
  • Ian Garsed
  • Shannon Lacy
  • Justin Andrews
  • Craig Sproat
  • Miriam Codognotto (Treasurer)

Community representatives

  • Vacant

Improving School Governance

Improving School Governance is a school council training package that has been developed by the Department of Education and Training (DET). In addition to providing information to support school council members fulfill their role, it contains other information on school governance.

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