9 May 2019

Message from the Principal

Next week starting on Tuesday is the beginning of the national NAPLAN testing for students in grade 3 and grade 5. This is the first time our school will be participating in the online test rather than the paper version. We were selected to be part of a trial before ALL schools across Australia begin online NAPLAN in 2020. Students have had the opportunity to use the platform at the end of last year and last term. It is important to reassure students that tests are a normal part of schooling and to just do your best as you would any other day. We are also ensuring they are aware that there is a chance that the platform may fail due to the number of schools attempting to be on at the same time.

We are very short of volunteers for the Election BBQ on Saturday 18th May. If you could spare an hour or two on the day it would be really appreciated. If you are unable to help out on the day you can also help with baking some cakes or slices for the Bake Sale. Please let us know if you are able to help out by Wednesday 15th May.

Finally I would like to wish all of the mothers a very happy Mother’s Day for Sunday.


Kathy Callander