8th March 2018

Fri Mar 9 0:00:00 UTC 2018

The Waterhole Project

Was a great success, with a wonderful turn out of students and family members making music and moving to their dance steps along the streets of Newstead. Thanks to Vanessa Case for her work choreographing the dance moves, and co-ordinating the art and music. We had artists come in to work with the students on a giant cane and cloth swamp monster, and Andy Rigby ran two music sessions. Well done everyone on a great effort.

Next week we have the School council AGM. We welcome Ian Garsed to council and thank him for his willingness to take on the position. Our thanks go to Jen Oxley for her time on School Council and all her hard work over many years.

As part of our work on High Impact Teaching Strategies, staff are currently working on goal setting. You will notice Learning Intentions and Success Criteria on the walls in our classrooms. Lesson goals explain what the student needs to understand and what they must be able to do. Students can use these goals to monitor and progress their learning.

Enjoy your long weekend. I hope you have the opportunity for some lovely time with your family.




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