7 November 2018

Big Event Days!

Last Friday’s Grandparents & Friends’ Day was definitely a fantastic experience to be a part of! With all weather conditions including massive downpours, lightning, humidity and sunshine the day didn’t go exactly to plan but it didn’t seem to matter. So much laughter and smiles could be seen in each and every classroom. The grand finale of the school choir also ensured everyone was singing along enjoying the talent.

These big event days take lots of time and effort from staff, volunteers and students. Thank you to everyone that put up their hand to help out over the last few weeks. It’s a huge day but well worth it!

We are now busily moving into the ’silly’ season when families and schools seem to have so many events/functions to attend until Christmas. Please note down the dates for our Election Day BBQ, End of Year Christmas Carols, Grade 6 Graduation and End of Year Fun Day!

Currently teachers are working on grade structures for next year. We have 16 prep enrolments taking our total numbers for the start of 2019 to be about 60 students. We will still be running three classrooms however we are doing our best to ensure those three classrooms enable each student’s needs to be met. Official classroom structures will be sent out at the end of November.


Kathy Callander