7 March 2019

Message from the Principal

'Why do we fund raise?' This was a question asked by two different people over the last week. It really is an important question to ask as many just assume as a State Government school we receive all the funds we need to do all the activities throughout the year. Unfortunately there are many factors in our funding that result in only the basic requirements covered.

We want our students to not just get the basics, we want them to have amazing education experiences inside and outside of the school, have access to many great pieces of literature, and to walk into an enjoyable, exciting place every day. If we are to achieve these sort of goals we need to source money outside of what we receive from the government each year. We request some money from families but we know this can be a financial burden if we asked for too much. We actively source grants and plan fundraising events to give every student in this school the opportunity to have the best school we can provide. Parents, staff, students and the local community can help in so many ways.