4 April 2019

Message from the Principal

The last week of term 1 has arrived! It has been an absolute pleasure to spend the first half of the week on camp in Halls Gap with the grade 3 - 6 students. Camps are so important for building relationships between peers and teachers. It is also so rewarding to see students step out of their comfort zone and achieve things they never thought possible! We also received glowing reviews from the instructors on camp about our students willingness to try new things, use of their manners and respect for each other.

As we finish off the week we still have our Casserole Tea tonight starting at 5:30pm with tea at 6pm. Tomorrow morning the students will be participating in a modified cross country around the school grounds. Don’t forget the school day ends at 2:30pm on Friday.

Finally please have a safe and enjoyable Easter break. School does return on TUESDAY 23rd April.


Kathy Callander