31 October 2018

Here's to the Grandparents’ & Friends’...

It was fantastic to see all of the volunteers on Friday afternoon to help with much needed jobs around the school. I was also very thrilled with the families that came back on the weekend and during this week to complete everything on our list! Without your support and donation of time it is nearly impossible to keep on top of these tasks without costing huge amounts of money that is much better spent towards educational resources and activities!

Tomorrow is our first official Prep Transition for term 4. The kinder students will be at school from 9am to 11am. Grade 6 students attending Castlemaine Secondary College will also be heading over to be a part of year 7 Transition.

Our Grandparents’ & Friends’ Day is this Friday!!!! We believe we have everything ready for the day. We love the catch phrase ‘Ask Gran Not Google’. This will be part of the day to have family members talk about some of the things they loved to do when they were at school. The whole school choir is completing their last rehearsal and sound amazing. I can’t wait to see you all there!

Don’t forget the Lacey’s Garden will be also opened for all visitors. Entry fee of $5 with $4 being donated back to the school.


Kathy Callander