29th August 2018

New Transitions...

This week we have had an amazing group of Kinder students visit us for the first time as part of our transition program into prep for 2019. It was great to see so many parents and new kinder students leave with smiles on their faces after a great session. Next week the Grade 4/5 students will be heading down to Bush Kinder to continue their Buddies friendships before we have another Kinder transition day on Wednesday 12th September.

If you are aware of any families that may not go to the local kinder but may wish to come along to the transition days please let me know ASAP.

Today we have had a phone system upgrade as part of the Department of Education’s requirements for school to contact families each day their child is absent without notification. The new system now has an option to ‘Press 1 for a student absence’.

Another addition to our school this week was a mural/quote on my office wall. It is one of my favourite quotes and it was a major talking point as Kirsty put up her hand to get the Sharpies out and create an amazing display. Please come down and have a look!

Also don’t miss the Chapter 2 of Silas’s award winning writing piece at the end of the newsletter.

I hope all everyone has a fantastic Father’s Day with the special men in their lives.


Kathy Callander