28 November 2018

New Projects...

We only have just over 3 weeks left of the school year but still many amazing fun learning opportunities to go!

Last weekend was a fantastic fundraising opportunity for our school with the state election. Thank you to the people that volunteered their time for the day. Thank you also to KR and Real Eggs for their donations.

Well done to Meg and Adyson on their participation in Energy Breakthrough over the last week. It was an honour to spend Saturday afternoon and evening with them as they worked together in a team during the 8 hour endurance race. They exemplified our school values at all times.

Please be aware a note has gone home to all families about the possibility of the school having access to Before and After School care in 2019. We need a clear indication of numbers to start the process.

As we do move towards 2019 we have a number of exciting long awaited projects happening around the school… stay tuned for an update in coming weeks!


Kathy Callander