28 March 2019

Message from the Principal

The term has only just over one week left and what a jam -packed time it will be!

Our first whole school excursion for the Castlemaine Festival is on Friday.

The grade 3-6 students are heading to Halls Gap for their three day adventure camp leaving Monday morning. Mrs Deppeler and myself will be along for the journey. The students are already counting down the days with great anticipation!

Next Thursday will be our Casserole Tea night with the whole school community invited to celebrate end of term and the beginnings of a new school year.

On the last Friday we will finish with a mini cross country for all grades around the school. It will be run in class groups to work in with MARC van throughout the day. Don’t forget the last day of school also finishes early with a 2:30pm end of day.

Kathy Callander