22nd March 2018

Fri Mar 23 0:00:00 UTC 2018

Harmony Day

We had a lot of fun for Harmony Day this week. Children all participated in a range of activities. A past parent, Ajcha and her mother Bernie, who own Klua Sathorn restaurant in Castlemaine, came to give the children a taste of Thailand. We made pr pia sod (fresh paper rolls). We learnt to say thankyou in Thai: kob khun krup (for males) and kob khun ka (for females).

Harmony Day celebrates our multi- cultural country. All the different cultures that come together in Australia bring many things with them: different foods, ways of dressing, languages, customs and beliefs. Harmony Day is about celebrating these differences, embracing new cultures and making sure that everybody is included in society, as well as celebrated for their uniqueness.

This Friday is National Ride to School Day. It would be great to see lots of children coming to school on their bikes.

Next Wednesday evening we are having a casserole night. This is a welcome to new families and a celebration of our term together. Can people please bring something to share, with a list of ingredients (to assist people with allergies). As we have a student with a severe allergy to peanuts, we ask people to ensure they do not bring any food containing nuts. Looking forward to seeing you there.




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