21st June 2018

Wed Jun 20 0:00:00 UTC 2018

Arts ahoy!

The term is coming to close but we have some exciting events currently being planned for term 3.

Next term our theme will be “The Arts”. Students will have the opportunity to work with amazingly talented community members in dance, music and drama. The visual art classes will also be having an Asian theme with Ms Curtis aiming to incorporate Chinese language study into her lessons.

If any other community members are keen to share their skills in the area of the Arts please come and see me!

I would also like to award Geoffrey a Principal’s Award this week. It’s often the small gestures of kindness that make so many smile. Geoffrey was able to make one prep student beam with happiness during lunch. Sometimes it takes that one kind act to completely change a person’s day. Well done Geoffrey.


Kathy Callander


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