21 November 2018

A Great Week!

I’ve had a fantastic start to the week being with the 2/3 students on camp on Monday and Tuesday. Camps are one of the best opportunities teachers and students have to build relationships, develop great team building skills and have fun too! We took many photos and videos of the students’ adventures. Have a look at the school Facebook page to see the students stepping out of their comfort zone but achieving amazing personal achievements!

We have another major fundraising opportunity this weekend with the State Election BBQ at school on Saturday. We are needing at least four more volunteers to help out on the day. Please fill out the form if you can spare a few hours.

Continuing with fundraising, our mangoes will be arriving at school next Wednesday. Pick up is from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

Staff are still working on classroom arrangements for next year. We are doing our best efforts to ensure all students have the best options for their individual needs. Please be patient as we continue to put the best options forward.


Kathy Callander