1st August 2018

Lots To Do

It has been fantastic to see the brand new post and rail fence take shape each day. The fence will be finished in the coming week and be a great asset to the look of the school.

This week we have a number of extra handouts being sent home for families. Firstly we have the Parent Opinion Survey user name and passwords for each family. We really value your opinion about how the school is going. The feedback you give allows us to improve and provide the very best for all of our students. We do also really value knowing when we are doing something right! Very often we hear when things are not going well but we need to also know when we are on the right track and you are very happy with the school too! Please take the time to log on and fill out the survey.

Secondly, we have a Parents & Friends Pie Drive form. Parents & Friends are really keen to improve our old sand pit for our students as quickly as possible. If you could help out with sharing the Pie Drive form with some family and friends that would be greatly appreciated.

Thirdly, we have the permission forms for next Friday’s

Bet Bet & District Athletics Sports in Maryborough. All students are able to travel to the Jack Pascoe Reserve by bus. I encourage all parents and friends to join us on the day to help cheer for our students during the day.


Kathy Callander