19th April 2018

Thu Apr 19 0:00:00 UTC 2018

Message from the Principal

I am very honored to have been selected to take on the role as Principal for the next five years at Newstead Primary School starting the beginning of term 2, 2018. My name is Kathy Callander and I have been teaching for 17 years. Previously I have been principal at Amphitheatre Primary School for the last ten years. My husband Ash, son Tyler and myself, are looking forward to being a part of the Newstead Primary School community and the local community.

I am very excited to share my knowledge and expertise with the school to help continue to strengthen the school to make it the best school for our students to attend. Walking into the school I have already seen the enthusiasm and passion from teachers, parents and students for Newstead.

Over the next term I will endeavor to learn as much about the culture, traditions and goals of the school and community. I look forward to working with all the organisations in the Newstead community to give us the best learning opportunities for our students. As the proverb states ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

Officially, my first day was on Monday and unfortunately the changeover of administration and banking details have yet to go through with the Department of Education. They assure me that I will have full access by the end of week 1. As a result things such as the newsletter will look a little different for a short time.

The process has been a little slower with Trinity Sanderson gaining a new position in Bendigo at the end of term 1. Currently Danica Twyerould will be in the office for the next 6 weeks while we advertise the business manager position. Danica will be working Monday and Thursday each week.

Please be patient with us and we will soon have things back on track!


Kathy Callander


Thank you!

We have received your message and will be in contact shortly.


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