18th July 2018

Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break ready for an exciting term 3!

It was a very busy term 2 holidays around the school grounds and in the building. We have begun to work on the fence around the boundary of the school yard. Internally, the school has had work on mending the leaking roof in the girl’s toilets and in Mrs Harrisson’s room. We have installed a new kitchen cabinet area for the staffroom and new cabinetry for all three classrooms to increase storage.

A big thank you to the wonderful volunteers Damien, Jodie, Brett and Jules who pulled down the old sports shed ready to have the new shed built this term. Thank you also to Mary for her assistance with letting the different trades in and out of the school over the holidays when I was unavailable.

Although we are currently working around some of these sites as they are not completed, it is very exciting to have these changes and upgrades to our school facilities and grounds.

Once again I would like to thank those people who have gone out of their way to assist in getting the scope of works on their way to completion. The generous time our parent and staff volunteers has been amazing. I can see that working together as a strong school community we are going to achieve all of our goals we have set out this year and beyond!

I would like to also officially welcome Danica (Dee) Twyerould as our new business manager until the end of term 1, 2019. Dee will be in the office Mondays and Wednesdays. We have also had a number of changes in the office with a new ‘dropbox’ installed over the holidays for notices and money. It is a secure box that can only be accessed with a key.


Kathy Callander