17th May 2018

Thu May 17 0:00:00 UTC 2018

NAPLAN testing

This week our grade 3 and 5 students are taking part in the annual NAPLAN testing. This is a national test that all students in grades 3, 5, 7, and year 9 participate in. The results from these tests are not released for some months and are only a snap shot of how a student went on one particular day. We are encouraging students to be prepared for test situations but above all else to just do their best.

The national testing is only for grade 3 and 5 however we will be conducting other testing in English and Mathematics for all students over the next few weeks to calculate Victorian Curriculum levels for Reports.

This week I have begun a competition with the three grades to work towards building their level of responsibility and pride for the school. Each week classrooms will be given scores based on looking after their room, collecting their belongings and helping each other. At the end of the term the classroom with the most points will be awarded a prize to be shared in the last week of school. I believe this is a great way to build our school values into our everyday classroom activities. It might also help with finding all of those missing jumpers and lunch boxes!!


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