17 October 2018

PD and pickups

I would like to begin by saying thank you to the families that have contacted the School Council or myself in relation to the proposal of a change to the end of day finish to 3:15pm. After lengthy discussion during the School Council meeting last night we have decided to retain the 3:30pm for this current time.

Teachers will still need to attend numerous professional development meetings after school each term. I am asking for all families to try to ensure that ALL students are picked up as close to 3:30pm as possible.

We understand that at times due to unforeseen circumstances parents are late to pick up students however we are increasingly having students remaining at school until 4pm. If you are finding it difficult to meet the 3:30pm pick up time please think about making arrangements with a ’back up’ person to assist.

Over the last week we have also had some unwelcome visitors to the school after hours. Last Thursday night damage has been done to the entrance wall near the toilets followed by a tap being turned on at 8pm Monday night. The police have been contacted and a report has been made. Grant has also had a discussion with all students this morning about not playing in the school yard after school hours for a few weeks. He will be also patrolling the grounds at night and during weekends. Hopefully we can have families enjoying the use of the grounds once again in the new year.


Kathy Callander