17 June 2019

Message from the Principal

Our School Review has begun this week and what a great experience for me to hear advice and recommendations from a panel of education professionals.

Firstly, one of their recommendations is to truly congratulate the work the teachers are doing to provide students with a high quality education over the last four years of our strategic plan.

Secondly, was to showcase the academic learning growth of our students based on NAPLAN results and teacher judgement. When comparing 40 schools across the state that have similar student family backgrounds, school size etc we are in the top 2 for numeracy in year 3, top 5 for numeracy in year 5. In reading we are top 5 in year 3 and top 8 for year 5. Top 2 for writing in year 3.

It is really important for us to acknowledge what our school is achieving and celebrate it at every opportunity.

The review continues next week with the review panel wanting input into our new strategic plan from parents, students, teachers and community members.

We have had some amazing results in the last four years but we want to ensure we are always aiming for high expectations to give our children the very best we can offer. The information gathered from our community will enable us to create a more effective strategic plan. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the forums next week.


Kathy Callander