15th March 2018

Wed Mar 21 0:00:00 UTC 2018


I would like to congratulate Millie Lowndes on her appointment for the rest of the year as Grade 5/6 class teacher at Newstead. Millie will make a great contribution to the school community.

Our school values give us a common sense of purpose, and build pride in our learning and in our school. The student leadership team assist staff in the development of the focus for the week. Students announce it on Monday at Assembly, and you can find it on the front page of the newsletter. Please take the time to chat about it with your child.

This year we are introducing Writer’s Notebook into our writing program. Students have been given a folder which should last them for several years. The Writer’s Notebook is a treasure chest of writing the students use throughout the year. It holds seeds for writing ideas, work in progress and published pieces.

Each Monday we have Magic Monday, where students write “from the heart” about topics that are dear to them. To make it special, each student decorates the folder. We would like your child to bring in some photos of things that are special to them: pets, family members, special places, holiday snaps etc. If you are unable to print the photos at home, please send them in on a usb. You may like to help your child collect interesting pictures during the year they can use in their writing.

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