15th February 2018

Mon Feb 19 0:00:00 UTC 2018

True to Form

The weather has been cooler this week for our swimming program! The students and teachers braved the water and are having a great time improving their skills. The Lapathon board at the pool looks very impressive. Thanks to everyone for organising and participating in this fundraiser.

Please note there will be a Pupil Free Day on Monday 19th March. Staff will update their First Aid and CPR training. Anaphylaxis updates will be undertaken prior to this.

This week’s school focus is setting a goal and working hard to achieve it. All students have been identifying literacy, numeracy and a social skills goal to work on. We set high expectations for our students at Newstead, and work closely with each child to ensure they can achieve their learning goals. We appreciate the support that parents give their children to help them succeed in their learning. We look forward to seeing all parents at our Learning Conversations next Monday.

This week Eva, Silas, Lenny and Claire worked with me to identify areas for the school to focus on based on our School Values. They had some very useful insights into how to make our school a really positive place. Well done!




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