15th August 2018

Busy Times!

Its been a big seven days since our last newsletter with some amazing events and achievements around our school.

Firstly, well done to all the students who participated at the Bet Bet & District Sports last Friday. The sun was shining and Newstead had a great day winning the shield for the second year in a row. We had many age group champions and many ribbon winners. Thank you to the staff and parents who assisted on the day.

One particular student received a special principal award from Friday based on their own personal improvement. Well done Ellysia!

We have 17 students representing the school at this Friday’s Regional Athletics.

This morning the Pancake Breakfast by Parents & Friends was a resounding success! As quoted by one of the students after eating their pancakes “Best pancakes I’ve ever eaten!” Congratulations to the newly formed official committee on a great morning. We look forward to seeing more of these events for us all to enjoy.

This week we have also been conducting our student lead Parent/Teacher interviews. This has been a great opportunity to have students talk about how they are going in the classroom, things they are proud of and also things they need to improve on. If you have missed out on an interview time or forgot to book in please contact the classroom teacher to organise another time to chat.


Kathy Callander