12 December 2018

Looking ahead...

I was very proud to be a part of my first Grade 6 Graduation celebration at Newstead Primary School on Monday. All six graduating students did remarkable speeches that demonstrated who they were as people but also what they felt was important to them at school. Well done to Eva, Silas, Andy, Tom, Lenny and Claire on being great members of Newstead Primary School. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you all.

Thank you and good luck to the Cockerall and Mitchell families that are officially leaving the school with the last members of the family finishing primary school.

On Tuesday we had our final transition day for the year with students across the school moving to their classes for 2019. The classes will be still be structured in to three classrooms:

Prep/1—Mrs Harrisson

Grade 1/2/3— Miss Ye

Grade 4/5/6—Mrs Deppeler

Art Teacher— Interviews are being conducted currently

Chinese—Miss Ye

MARC Van—Mrs Mac

Like 2018, the 1/2/3 and 4/5/6 classrooms will work together in mathematics and literacy to allow all students to be grouped for extra support or extension according to their needs.

We have been getting more enrolments during the week and as we enter 2019 we may need to make small changes to the class structures depending on class numbers.

Student book lists, essential items and voluntary contributions forms will be sent out at the end of next week with reports.

With one week to go we are definitely ready to celebrate a great 2018 school year with all students and families. Please check out the diary to see all of the exciting events happening on our final week.


Kathy Callander