10 October 2018

Welcome to Term 4!

This will be an eleven week term that will take us up to Friday 21st December. We have some major events on the calendar during the term such as:

1. Arts Hub Hanzel and Gretel project (dates on the flyer attached)

2. Book Fair Monday 29th Oct to Friday 2nd Nov

3. Grandparents & Friends Day—Friday 2nd Nov

4. Grade 2 & 3 camp to Campaspe Downs Camp Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th November

I am also very pleased to have our brand new storage shed . We now need to finish the final touches with shelving and down pipes for the water tank. This will complete all of our AMP capital works project for 2018.

Please also have a look at this Friday’s Castlemaine Mail as the grade 5/6 students have put together the Newshound section.


Kathy Callander