Thankyou Bernadette

On behalf of the Newstead Primary School community, the School Council would like to thank Bernadette McKenna for her commitment and contribution to the school as Acting Principal during term 1 in 2018.

The start of a new school year is always hectic with new children and families made to feel welcome and relaxed. Teaching priorities need to be determined as well as careful scheduling of events and planning for the months ahead. Bernadette took all of this on and much more with gusto, being instrumental in setting up the school for another stimulating and successful year.

Amidst all of this she also carried out teaching duties in the Prep/1/2 class which she shared with Sue Harrisson. In this role she struck up positive and dynamic relationships with the children as she got to know their strengths and interests in a very short time. Bernadette gelled really well with staff, the school council and always made time to speak in depth and detail to parents.

Bernadette put in many hours of work often well into the evenings in what was a short and intensive appointment. We wish to sincerely thank you Bernadette for your time with us and send you our very best wishes for the future.

Patrick Fensham

President, NPS School Council